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I Married You
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Valentines Day

Monday, February 16th 2004 @ 6:22 pm by Richard

Well, I am still in London at the moment at Catherine’s house, Saturday was Valentines Day here is the story:

8:10 AM: Catherine wakes me up and asks me to come into her room as she has a surprise for me… waiting in her room by the futon was a plate of crossaunts and some strawberry jam… Catherine had got up early to get me breakfast to help me wake up in the morning!

10:00 AM: We finaly leave the house, much to the joy of Catherine’s parents!

11:00 AM: We get into London Bridge planning to spend the day wandering round London. Our first point of call was to head for the Christian Bookshop near Holborn, we picked up a couple of bits and pieces for different people before heading off towards the Natural History Museum to eat our packed lunch.

1:00 PM: We got to the Natural History Museum and managed to totaly get lost inside, first we entered from the wrong side of the exibition to be able to get into the picnic area, then we managed to totaly loose our barings in a maze of gallerys. Finaly finding the Picnic area we ate our lunch at a leasurly pace… nearly falling asleep afterwards because we were already tired. We went to look at the spiky Dinosaurs, Catherine nearly colapsed because it was so stuffy in the exibit, it was affecting me as I was getting a headache too.

3:00 PM: We decided to go to McDonalds as we were still hungry after all our rushing about and some rather dissapointing cheese and onion rolls from ASDA (I didn’t like ASDA before, I like them even less now!)

4:00 PM: We wanted to pop into a couple of shops on Oxford St. before heading back so we wandered along there for a bit, before hopping on the tube, towards the DLR station so we would get a interesting ride back to Lewisham before the train jorney home.

8:00 PM: Got home, after a long, tiring but very enjoyable day Smile

Its my turn next Valentines day.

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