I Married You

I Married You
A Blog of Catherine and Richard

6 Days To Go

Sunday, August 29th 2004 @ 8:49 pm by Richard

Getting very close now, Catherine and I went to the wedding reception of one of my friends yesterday. It felt quite weird seeing them married and thinking that that will be us next week. They were both really encoraging to us, “Have a nice day” is much better than “Good Luck”.

It was very nice to see some old friends from HP, hopefuly I will get to see a some more next weekend. Although I reckon Catherine and I only get 2 minutes to talk to each person at the reception, so if you are comming then don’t be too offended if we only get to say “Hi.. How are you… got to rush…” we will endeavor to let you get a word or two in.

10 Days To Go

Wednesday, August 25th 2004 @ 2:45 pm by Catherine

Well it’s only ten days to go until the big day. Both Richard and I have a lot to do, there are still a lot of things to organise. I now know why people have wedding planers…

I’m just finalising the order of service, now I’ve just got to get it to print off corectly so I get all the pages in the right order, very much easier said than done.

We have our rehearsal in a week’s time so we may have some idea as to what we are doing on the day, I’m sure I’ll forget something and mess up the few lines that I have to say.

I’m staying with my parents at the moment, trying to get my room packed up so I can move, I’m very glad that most of my things stayed in the boxes from January when I moved back home. I’ve not got anywhere to put the boxes that I’m packing up though. The livingroom where the boxes would normally go looks like a larder with all the food and things needed for the catering as my mum is organising the reception. I feel before long I’ll be climbing over boxes just to get into my room here. It won’t be for long though since I’m back down to Brighton at the end of the week. I hope my dad can understand the system of which boxes and bags I desperately need or I’ll discover I have hardly any clothes and the extra duvet or books that can wait.

Oh and I’ve just remembered that I’ve got to pack for honeymoon. I hate packing and I’ve only done one box.

This will problably be my last post before the wedding with everything going to be so busy. I will see if Pete can do an entry after the wedding before we get back to let people know how it went.

For now take care and God bless
Love Catherine