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The Gift Registry – LIQUIDATION

Wednesday, October 13th 2004 @ 5:59 pm by Richard

My mother just e-mailed me to say “I am sure you have heard the bad news by now”… took be a good time to figure out what she was talking about, looked at the Gift Registry web-site.. They went into liquidation last week.

Can anyone who bought gifts via the Gift Registry please contact your credit card companies to arrange a claim and you can get your money back. Unfortunatly anyone who paid with a debit card or by any other means will probably not be able to claim your money back. The administrators have said that they will be writing to all creditors, again unfortunatly this could take some time as when a company goes into Administration, banks and secured creditors get money first, then employes then customers and other non-secured creditors.

I havn’t spoken to Catherine about how we are going to manage this but I will talk to her tonight when she gets back from Sign Language, we may have to set up a gift list with Debenhams or similar to allow you to buy the items we requested.

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