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House Huntng

Monday, June 6th 2005 @ 7:07 pm by Richard

Catherine and I have been doing quite a bit of house hunting recently, we have needed to as our current tennancy agreement runs out at the end of June! Over the last week we have looked at about 10 houses, so far we have found three possable houses. The first unfortunatly was somewhat over valued and we had to turn it down although the location, space and decour was almost exactly what we wanted. Interestingly enough it is still on the market.

Two other properties are much of a muchness, they have about the same space and cost the same, both are converted houses (something I think I prefer over flats) I haven’t seen the second one myself.

We did take a look at a house in Hove that made us (and the letting agent) laugh, first of all the banister was very very loose… and i mean one swift kick and it would be at the bottom of the stairs, then whatever we touched round the house seemed to either come off in our hands or not be what we expected.

Oh and one last gripe, it seems that Your Move wont give lettings for people who are not able to give them a Home or Work landline… there are more than a few people in the country who don’t have a need for a landline… why pay £10 a month just to have a phone that can’t follow you arround! My mobile serves us perfectly well if someone wants to have a conversation with us they phone us after 7 and we phone them back, I don’t see the arguement that “everyone must have a landline!”

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