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3 Years

Tuesday, September 4th 2007 @ 6:12 pm by Richard

Before Catherine and I got married we went to Catherines grandparent’s 50th Aniversary, ever since then we have said that we wanted to see our 50th aniversary. We know this is going to be hard work, both to keep our relationship with eachother and God strong; and to support and protect eachother so that we both survive that long. Today is our third aniversary and it feels that we are a small step closer, today marks the 6% waypoint, we are still enjoying our challenge and looking forward to more!

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  2. comment number 2 by: Donna


    I’m so glad to see you two love birds are going strong… Sharon and I got married the day they allowed same sex marriage (and yes we wore our look of love wigs!) and we too have been dreaming about our 50th Wedding anniversary. Sharon is going to wear a blue dress, and I’m going to wear red. Thinking about it I should probably wear blue as it matches my new hand bag that I picked up from Bon Mache the other day. It has a gold trim with a zebra print strap and it’s called “The full eclipse of a half moon”… Anyway enough of the bag. What have you guys been up to? Have you been watching X-factor? We’ll have to catch up… Richard, you should think about getting Catherine a “The full eclipse of a half moon” bag for christmas. It has excellent storage space and that strap is to dye for..

    Anyway great catching up. Lots ‘o’ love.