I Married You

I Married You
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Gift Lists, Invites and Utter madness

Friday, July 23rd 2004 @ 3:45 pm by Catherine

Well prompted by Pete (our best man) I am writing for all you addoring fans out there.

Things the last few months have been utterly crazy. Richard has been doing exams and then three days later started his job as ICT support assistant. Not long after that Richard moved into the lovely flat that we will be living in together come september.

With all of that we have hardly stopped. I’ve now got my shoes for the wedding so my outfit is sorted out, but I still have to decide on my hair and make up. Richard has his suit but still needs to sort out the rest of his outfit.

We have finially got most of the invites out for the wedding after a number of different problems with printing, directions for the church, addresses and actually getting the time to put them altoghther.

I want to also apoligise for the lack of gifts on our gift list, this is due to the shear volume of lists that the company are having to deal with and should be sorted out over the next few days.

We hope to keep writing the blog as much as possible but with so many different things happening and myself comuting regulary between my parents house in london and brighton to see richard I’m not sure how often that will be. I might recruit the our best man Pete and our Chief Bride’s Maid Kyla to help us out by doing some blog enteries.

Must go now since Richard is visiting me for the weekend and his room still needs to be sorted out.


Thursday, May 6th 2004 @ 3:04 pm by Catherine

Sorry it’s been a long time since either Richard and I have posted anything on the site, Richard has been very busy doing his coursework and preparing for his exams. I on the other hand have had a lot of problems with my computer which resulted in me doing a complete reinstal only to find out that the hard drive is failling.

Richard is still on his job hut and I am looking at a change of direction in my carear. I want to learn sign language and hopefully get to the level of interpreter. I want to use this with working with deaf children and university students and within the church where deaf people are so often left out.

Housy House

Wednesday, March 17th 2004 @ 5:50 pm by Richard

The official Catherine and Richard house hunt has started, Catherine spent some of last week looking for houses on the internet and she has found one that looks promising. I have phoned up the landlady who has agreed to meet me there to show me the house on Friday morning, I am quite aprehensive about it because I don’t like looking round houses on my own. I always miss the obvious things that are going to be a problem.

Other than house news, I am doing much better in terms of health… I am feeling a lot better, still very tired but that is probably because I am not sleeping properly because of the stress of project, dissertation, coursework and lectures. I will try and get a good sleep tonight. Catherine is a little bored because her Father tried to sort out the internet for her on her computer and now it dosn’t work at all, very annoying as it means we don’t get to talk on teamspeak Sad

Finished my Dissertatation

Thursday, February 26th 2004 @ 6:07 pm by Richard

I finaly finished my dissertation on the future of massivly multiplayer online games, for those interested it is available on my website. Catherine and I are looking forward to spending the comming weekend together, we plan to go swimming on monday.

God Bless all, have a good weekend.