I Married You

I Married You
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Feeling Better

Monday, March 15th 2004 @ 12:20 pm by Richard

We are both feeling much better now, our cold went from bad to worse and we both ended up with a mild chest infection. Fortunatly now we are both much better.

We went to visit my parents on the weekend, it was great to see them as I have not been home since announcing our engagement, it was a shame that we couldn’t spend more time with them. My mum goes off to Spring Harvest in three weeks time, which is where Catherine and I first really started to get to know eachother really well, we both want to be there but unfortunatly financial and time limitations stop us.

We also popped into Elim, my home church, for Sunday morning, the worship was great things really seem to be picking up for the worship team, we got prayed for by all of the elders after we had gone up the front and announced our engagement officialy, most people knew but some didn’t. I finaly got the chance to ask Pete Arthur to be my best man and his words were “I have no hesitation in saying yes” which was a relief!

I have a mountain of work to be getting on with so I better get back to it… I must admit that EVE:Online is motivating me to do some more work as it is something to look forward to, although I must be carefult not to play too much, how ever tempting that may be.

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