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I Married You
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Housy House

Wednesday, March 17th 2004 @ 5:50 pm by Richard

The official Catherine and Richard house hunt has started, Catherine spent some of last week looking for houses on the internet and she has found one that looks promising. I have phoned up the landlady who has agreed to meet me there to show me the house on Friday morning, I am quite aprehensive about it because I don’t like looking round houses on my own. I always miss the obvious things that are going to be a problem.

Other than house news, I am doing much better in terms of health… I am feeling a lot better, still very tired but that is probably because I am not sleeping properly because of the stress of project, dissertation, coursework and lectures. I will try and get a good sleep tonight. Catherine is a little bored because her Father tried to sort out the internet for her on her computer and now it dosn’t work at all, very annoying as it means we don’t get to talk on teamspeak Sad

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