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I Married You
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I’ve got my veil

Sunday, May 16th 2004 @ 3:51 pm by Catherine

I have finialy got my veil after months of huntting for one. Richard and I were out walking one day when he was visiting me and we found a small wedding shop. So my mum and I went back this week and found a lovely veil which covers my hair without having to get it trimed. It’s quite plain with a little bit of decoration round the edge with chain stich.

This week the plan is to get my boquet and the bridesmaids boquets sorted out, we need to get the colour matched to the dresses for the silk flowers we are getting.

The planing is getting quite stressful but once the invitations are out next month it should be easier with less complicated things to get done.

My leg has healed up and not causing me any trouble now which is good with so much running around to do.

I must be off to deal with some more orgainising. Rolling Eyes

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