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Google gone christmasy

Friday, December 22nd 2006 @ 10:37 am by Catherine

Well its that time of year when we see the christmas logos from google again have a look so far they look quite nice and they should be putting a new ones up over the season.

Google Doodle

As for christmas, Richard and I are going to my grandma’s over chrismas day and boxing day and then we will be spending the next weekend with Richard’s family. So it all works out well for no fighting as to when we will be going where which is always good.

I’ve still got a couple of presents to buy dispite starting the christmas shopping in november and ordering a lot of stuff online, call me mad but I’m going ito brighton tomorrow morning to get the last bits, fortunately we don’t need to go into Churchill Square for any of it as it is always mad in there.

We have just recived a very unusural present of 2 sheep, they will be going to families in Ethiopa. This has been done through The Alternative Gift Catalogue one of a number of charities doing similar things to make a difference for families in the developing world.

I’d better be going now since I’ve still got lots of wrapping to do.

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