I Married You

I Married You
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Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 1st 2008 @ 12:00 am by Richard

Didn’t blog as much this year as I would have liked to, I either didn’t find anything worthwhile to say or just plain forgot.

Here is to next year!

Christmas Tree 2007

Sunday, December 16th 2007 @ 6:03 pm by Richard

Well it is that time of the year, where we pull all the dusty boxes out of long forgotten corners of the house and put up the Christmas tree!
Christmas Tree 2007

Rich Mullins

Tuesday, September 25th 2007 @ 8:34 pm by Richard

Catherine and I have been listening to quite a bit of Rich Mullins music over the past few days, both his own renditions and one by Caedmon’s Call. Hearing the music and Catherine telling me a bit about his life spurred me to read more about him.

There are so many websites who chronicle his life and works I don’t see a point in doing it here, I will however link to some of the websites I found.

A Tribute to Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins Memorial Page

Kid Brothers

Calling out Your Name

Rich Mullins entry on Wikipedia

3 Years

Tuesday, September 4th 2007 @ 6:12 pm by Richard

Before Catherine and I got married we went to Catherines grandparent’s 50th Aniversary, ever since then we have said that we wanted to see our 50th aniversary. We know this is going to be hard work, both to keep our relationship with eachother and God strong; and to support and protect eachother so that we both survive that long. Today is our third aniversary and it feels that we are a small step closer, today marks the 6% waypoint, we are still enjoying our challenge and looking forward to more!

Getting Back Into Blogging

Tuesday, August 28th 2007 @ 12:31 pm by Richard

It has been a long while since I last blogged, I must admit I have thought about blogging from time to time but there dosn’t seem to be a chance to actually do it. I might get into it a bit more now my site has had a re-design and a tidy up, so expect some more technicial information over there about Games, System Administration, Programming and Computers in general.

Over here I hope I will get a chance to blog more about day to day stuff that Catherine and I get up to… maybe.

Doctor’s Orders

Monday, January 8th 2007 @ 12:02 pm by Catherine

Well, I’ve finally got round to bloging again. Christmas went well and I didn’t end up too tired although, I’m definitely getting an air bed next christmas if Richard and I end up staying over night at my grandma’s since the futon mattres is really uncomfortable to sleep on.

My resolution for the new year is to follow my doctor’s orders better and try and get some exercise to help my joints. I’m managing to do a little walking but still have not done any swimming. This is partly due to the local swimming pool being closed for refurbishment, it’s been closed for 14 weeks and is opening again at the begining of Febuary, so it shows how much I’ve been trying to go swimming. So just to get a new costume and I’ll be set to start again.

It seems we still don’t have anybody reading our site so I’ll just have to email some people to let them know we are up and running again.

Happy New Year

Monday, January 1st 2007 @ 12:00 am by Richard

Happy New Year to anyone still reading 🙂

One of my resoloutions for this year is to blog more: here, on richard-slater.co.uk and on GuildCafe.

Google gone christmasy

Friday, December 22nd 2006 @ 10:37 am by Catherine

Well its that time of year when we see the christmas logos from google again have a look so far they look quite nice and they should be putting a new ones up over the season.

Google Doodle

As for christmas, Richard and I are going to my grandma’s over chrismas day and boxing day and then we will be spending the next weekend with Richard’s family. So it all works out well for no fighting as to when we will be going where which is always good.

I’ve still got a couple of presents to buy dispite starting the christmas shopping in november and ordering a lot of stuff online, call me mad but I’m going ito brighton tomorrow morning to get the last bits, fortunately we don’t need to go into Churchill Square for any of it as it is always mad in there.

We have just recived a very unusural present of 2 sheep, they will be going to families in Ethiopa. This has been done through The Alternative Gift Catalogue one of a number of charities doing similar things to make a difference for families in the developing world.

I’d better be going now since I’ve still got lots of wrapping to do.

What am I doing?

Friday, November 24th 2006 @ 2:42 pm by Richard

At the moment I am quite clearly blogging, however in the wider scheme of things I have been fairly busy. My attempts to take over the world of EVE have so far failed, I am however fairly satisfied with my progress, I have a nice little operation going buying and selling virtual materials, ships, modules and ammunition. Outside of the Virtual world I have been contributing to the EVE Online Wikipedia article and EVEMon (A EVE Skill planner).

On the topic of Virtual stuff, I am quite enjoying reading both Richard Bartle’s “Designing Virtual Worlds” and Edward Castronova’s “Synthetic Worlds: The business and culture of online games” as well as reading blog entries by all sorts of MMOG experts (Including Bartle and Castronova) on Terra Nova.

House hunting has all but ground to a halt, there is so little on the market at the moment that we are going to wait for the new year before searching maniacally. The current flat is serving us for the moment, so neither of us are unhappy with where we are living, which is good.

New Look Site

Thursday, November 9th 2006 @ 7:19 pm by Catherine

Just for any of you that still keep up to date (or try to) with our site, as you can see it’s had a makeover. Richard and I decied to make the site a bit easier to maintain so are using a different program for the blog and have removed the forums. Don’t worry you will still be able to comment our posts if you want. You can either register with our site or you can post with an email address. Please be aware that your post may end up in the moderation que and will then not apear on the site until we have checked the comment.

Also please make sure that you have the front page www.imarriedyou.co.uk rather than anything else you have previously bookmarked.

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