I Married You

I Married You
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I’ve got my veil

Sunday, May 16th 2004 @ 3:51 pm by Catherine

I have finialy got my veil after months of huntting for one. Richard and I were out walking one day when he was visiting me and we found a small wedding shop. So my mum and I went back this week and found a lovely veil which covers my hair without having to get it trimed. It’s quite plain with a little bit of decoration round the edge with chain stich.

This week the plan is to get my boquet and the bridesmaids boquets sorted out, we need to get the colour matched to the dresses for the silk flowers we are getting.

The planing is getting quite stressful but once the invitations are out next month it should be easier with less complicated things to get done.

My leg has healed up and not causing me any trouble now which is good with so much running around to do.

I must be off to deal with some more orgainising. Rolling Eyes

We have been Ill

Friday, March 5th 2004 @ 11:21 pm by Catherine

Sorry there have been no posts for a few days both Richard and I have been ill with a throat infection and have hardly been able to do anything. We are feeling a little better but not quite back to full health.

Not much has really happened, I was suposed to meet up with one of my bridesmaids to get her dress today but I couldn’t go into London as I’m too ill for all that traveling. I’ll have to see if I can rearrange it for next week but I don’t know when it will happen with me back and forward to Brighton all the time.

I spoke to my mum and she is planing to make a big thing out of Winnie the Pooh at the reception. I’ve been told basicly what is happening but then have to trust my mum on the rest. To tell the truth I’m a little worried but it should be fine. Richard and I have decided to have all the tables named after characters from Winne the Pooh, which I think is so cool.

Anyways I should go as it’s late and I still need a lot of sleep.

God Bless,

Veils / Rings / Wedding Fairs / Waistcoats

Monday, March 1st 2004 @ 11:17 am by Richard

Hello all, sorry the site has been down for a couple of days, I was tracking down a weird bug and managed to totaly break the site… should all be fixed now, bug and all.

Over the weekend we have been to two wedding fairs, first of all was the National Wedding Fair at London Olimpia, it was huge! We spent a good 2 – 3 hours there, got some fliers and information about mens formal hire and rings. We spotted a couple of veils but nothing quite right.

The second wedding show was at the Brighton Center, in Brighton (Surprisingly), it was a fair bit smaller (and cheeper) than the National Wedding Show but we grabbed a couple of useful bits and pieces.

We have been looking at rings a lot, we want a ring with some kind of two or three banded ring with at least one twist (probably two twists, mobius bands are cool but a little harsh on the fingers). As for the choice of metals we both like White Gold, Welsh Gold and Platinum… anyway here are a couple of pictures we found on http://www.weddingrings-direct.com/

The first picture is welsh gold and normal gold, the second is platinum and welsh gold.

There are a number of other styles that we both like:

Platinum Inlays

Gold Inlays

Anodized Inlays

As my good friend Ross pointed out this one is quite nice too…

Another Wedding Show

Thursday, February 26th 2004 @ 10:05 pm by Catherine

Tomorrow Richard and I are off to another wedding show. This time it’s the national wedding show at olympa. We are on the look out for a veil for me and ideas for flowers and such like. Mainly just for more ideas.

It looks like we have possibily have a hall for the recption, it would be lovely to have since it was the same place that my parents had their recption 26 years ago. I won’t be sure until the begining of next week when mum confirms it.

So much of the wedding feels like it is coming together now, we still have a long way to go with just over six months until we get married.


Strange happenings on Richards Blog

Wednesday, February 25th 2004 @ 4:00 am by Richard

Some of our readers may not realise that I have my own blog, that is very heavly oriented to random stuff that I find on the internet and general stuff about university work and so on over at – [ http://www.richard-slater.co.uk/ ], recently some strange happenings have been going on mainly to do with a certain blog entry about a game involving a whale, a yeti and 10 penguines, and according to the minds and fingers of a certain parent is animal cruelty. Just thought I would pop in and say this.

In wedding news, we have arranged a photographer his name is Brian and he is my parents next door neighbour, he has his own website – [ http://www.imagesofjazz.co.uk/ ] – he is quite good and he is doing some very fair rates, on the subject of websites and photographs my parents recently went to Norway for a cruise, my dad took his new digital camera the results can be found on his website – [ http://www.daveslater.co.uk/ ] the scenery looks loverly, maybe Catherine and I will get to go on a cruse some time in the future.

… and on the subject of holidays we are planning to find a nice cottage in either Cornwall or the Lake District to spend our honeymoon, so if anyone knows of any really good places for the two of us to spend some quality time together please drop us a line on the forums. We are developing the site more and more, you cant see any of it at the moment because it is not finished, but as and when it is ready to be released it will slowly appear on the site, if you would like to see something in particular then please post a comment or sign up to our forums and let us know what you want to see.

Tigger and Wedding Fair and Church

Wednesday, February 18th 2004 @ 4:34 pm by Catherine

Well I’ve bearly stopped since Richard left yesterday. I’ve been busy getting my financial support for uni sorted out.

Richard didn’t mention that on Valentine’s day he gave me a lovely tigger, so that when I miss him and need a hug I can get one with tigger. For those of you that don’t know I addore tigger.

We also went to our first wedding fair, it was quite a small show but it was very useful for ideas on cakes and hair slides.

We recived an email from the Baptist church in Crawley today saying that we can use there church, so we now have a venue for the wedding and all we have to do is look for somewhere to have the recption.

I’m hoping to go shopping with my mum on Saturday to have a look at different ideas for flowers and also for things for the reception. It feels as if it is all starting to pull together now and not be quite so manic.

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